Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Tailored To The LGBTQ Experience

When we were gay teens, HBO was there for us. Sure, it was so we could possibly catch a glimpse of a naked guy butt, but still, they provided a […]

Savagely Funny

Jesus pancakes. Capri pants. Martha Plimpton. Those three things make us happy on so many different levels, but when all combined, it’s practically a religious experience. Get ready for The […]

Holes Lotta Crazy

Damn, we miss the Ewings. But we sure don’t miss the high price of gas. In Oil, the world premiere new comedy at Theatre Three, a family in Houston contemplates […]

Damn, We’re Gay

GayCities has just announced the nominations for its Best of GayCities 2015 and Dallas has been nominated in two categories: “Best Singles Scene” and “Most Festive Pride.” All you need […]

Wi-Fi Meets Sci-Fi

The problem with so many Kickstarter campaigns is that you don’t really know what you’re funding until months, sometimes years, later. Well, that’s all about to change.Not only does this […]

Grape Gardens

Wine, women and song. We’re innately drawn to two of those three. (We’ll let you figure out which one we’re not.) But we can definitely clue you in that the […]

The Talented Mr. Ripped

Time to prove the haters wrong. We get accused all the time of being shallow and stereotypical in our coverage of various topics. So when describing the new album, All […]

Sam, But Different

Growing up gay and athletic, we understand what it’s like to be a pioneer. Sure, our sport was the ultra-competitive Easy Bake Oven Cupcake-Off, but we’re no less proud of […]


Good things may come to those who wait, but for perhaps the first-time ever, fantastic things come to those who wait too long. You may have heard that House of […]

So Gay For Pay

Ah, we just love capitalism. If you ever needed proof that some people will do anything for money, look no further than the hot happenings over on the Broke Straight […]