Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Like What You CBD In The Mirror?

Growing up in the Nancy Reagan Just Say No era, we were scared of anything related to cannabis. After all, who wanted a fried egg for a brain? These days, not only have we learned to never listen to anything a Republican First Lady has to say, we’ve come around to understand and enjoy the benefits of all things marijuana, […]

Open This Box Before Christmas

Remember being a kid and liking the box more than the gift? We’re having that same kind of reaction now. Not to mention proof that we need to stretch more to improve our flexibility. But that’s our own issue. The Box is a new book by New York photographer and professor of photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Ron Amato. […]

NSFW: Embroidery Gets X-Rated

If you find graphic needlepoint nudity offensive, don’t you dare scroll down. Seriously. You could get fired for having this on your screen. Imagine what your mother would say if she caught you looking. OK. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Last chance. Yeah, you don’t see that in needlepoint too often, do ya? Artist Zach Nutman has been taking […]

Blu Christmas

Smoking is so sexy. There’s nothing quite like kissing a guy whose breath reminds us of the burned corpse of a chain-smoking cowboy who never showered. And when his clothes exude the gentle fragrance of rotten ash, we get a little nostalgic for our arsonist days and the distinct aroma that can only come from garbage set ablaze. But his […]