Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


You Better Watch Out

It’s not too late for a last-minute gift request to the Sugardaddy in the Big Red Suit. Or a final chance to impress that special guy in your bed. After all, there’s overnight shipping for a reason. One of our favorite accessories this season is the new line of luxe Edifice watches from Casio. Yes, Casio! The high-end-looking faces are […]

Smokin' Pot (Holders)

Like our great Uncle Joe used to always say, “There’s not enough nudity in the kitchen.” Of course, that led to the great Thanksgiving disaster of 1983. Let’s just say that Ball Park franks aren’t the only wieners that plump when you cook them. But it had a happy ending after the whole thing fell off because he was much […]

Queer, Kitty Kitty

A naked man can hold just about anything and make us suddenly want it. That’s why we had to stop subscribing to Playgirl. Every centerfold featured a nude dude “working”— baking cakes, fixing motorcycles, flying the space shuttle. You name it, we fell for it. Why else do we have a storage unit filled with bundt pans, socket wrenches and […]

3-1-1! We Get It, Now Stop Yelling At Us, TSA Agents!

If you haven’t been to the airport lately, you haven’t had a 32-ounce can of Aqua Net torn from your hands at the security checkpoint. Doesn’t the TSA understand that gay men can’t travel with just 3 ounces of ANYTHING? Forcing us to reduce our beauty regimens to what can fit in a 1-quart ziploc bag is simply barbaric. Well […]