Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


A Fond Farewell

If you’re a member of the LGBT community in Dallas, Michael Doughman impacted your life—whether you know it or not. For years, he shaped Dallas Pride into the massive celebration it’s become today, which is no small feat. He entertained us both in—and out—of drag. He was a friend to all and a cherished voice for justice and equality in […]

Brunch Of The Week: Whoop-E!

Brisket tacos in the morning. Burritos con huevos at night. When it comes to meals at E Bar Tex-Mex, you make all the rules. With breakfast items served all day, every day, brunch is as much a state of mind as it is a platter of eggs. Of course, for the true brunch experience, the East Dallas favorite offers $3 mimosas and […]

Man’s Best Friends. Lots And Lots Of Friends.

We just watched a new documentary and saw our future as clear as the balls on an unneutered dog. We want to be the next Danny or Ron. Because after screening Life in the Doghouse, we can’t think of anything better than having a house full of dozens of cute, cuddly dogs in need of rescue. The documentary follows this remarkable, compassionate […]

Brunch Of The Week: Can You Keep A Secret?

That woman on the stage has a really big secret. No, not that she’s got a sausage under her support hose. It’s that Don’t Tell Supper Club downtown hosts a drag brunch every other Sunday and it’s time to help spread the word. Even though it launched last year, we know several gays who still haven’t heard the good news. So […]

Blasphemy A-Go-Go

If you’re a particularly pious person, perhaps this puppet play’s perilous. But if you love a good skewering of organized religion like we do, Hand to God at WaterTower Theatre in Addison is just what you need. Not only does the show feature foul-mouthed puppets, the production is a fully immersive experience. You pick your seat then sit back and enjoy the action […]

Tasty Booze & Downtown Views

A change of scenery always does us good. As much as we like the air-conditioned darkness of the Round-Up and the people-watching from the balcony at J.R.’s, we don’t always have to be at a gay bar to have a good time. So we were excited when a little birdie told us to check out the new Upside West Village on […]

Just Sit Right Back And You’ll Hear A Tale

No phone. No lights. No motor car. Not a single luxury. Damn if nearly every primitive-as-can-be lyric of the Gilligan’s Island theme song perfectly describes Castaways, premiering tonight on ABC. A mixture of Survivor and Lost, the show finds each of 12 contestants stranded alone on their own island, unaware of how many other people are also part of the show. If and when they discover […]

It’s George’s World—But You Can Visit

Remember when social media was fun? We do. Then again, we also remember having to hook our computer up to a land-line phone to get on AOL. Well, a new celebrity platform has launched. Called TraceMe, the free app connects fans with celebs in the world of entertainment and sports. It’s all about positive interactions with like-minded people, so trolling […]

Fashionable Things Come To Those Who Wait

No more waiting. McQueen has arrived. After opening in very select theaters on July 20, the documentary about the revolutionary gay fashion designer Alexander McQueen has debuted in Dallas. After early-bird showings last night, the film officially opens today with reserved seating at Angelika Film Center. Celebrate this complicated man with an intimate look at his muses and demons alike. Because […]

Brunch Of The Week: Wake Up & Drink The Coffee

Sunday Funday doesn’t have to happen every week. Sometimes, we enjoy Sunday Bumday. But that doesn’t stop us from craving a good brunch. And a little booze (though not as much as normal). Then again, sometimes the only buzz we crave is from a healthy dose of caffeine. That’s why the recently opened second location of Mudsmith at the Centrum […]