Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The Hole Shebang

We love a good foursome. But sometimes it takes a few days to get one together. That’s why we’re giving you some notice to gather three buddies to form a quartet for LifeWalk‘s Team Clover Open. Year after year, this putt-putt-putting business crawl takes you and your friends around to key gayborhood establishments for a 12-hole game unlike any other. […]

Putter Around The Gayborhood

Before Tiger Woods stole the spotlight, we were considered the premiere golfer of our generation. Sure, it was miniature golf. And sure, the only person who considered us a champion was our mom after witnessing first-hand that proud moment when we skillfully knocked our ball up a ramp, into the mouth of a mechanical T-Rex, out his butt and through […]

Four Holes In One

The last time we golfed, we were knocking our balls into a clown’s mouth. And things were even less sophisticated once we got onto the putt-putt course itself. Windmills and dinosaurs? Seriously? They never existed together. But we know there are people who love to go out and bogey their wood while stroking their mulligan. Supposedly, it’s how business deals […]