Put Some Gay In Your Day!


The Men In The Mirror

The buzz at the Sundance Film Festival was so loud, we think we can still hear it. That’s because the hot-button topic of Michael Jackson was back in the spotlight […]

Triumph Over Tragedy

We’re gonna need a bigger box of Kleenex. And probably the kind with added lotiony moisture. Song of Parkland debuts this Thursday and even though this documentary focuses on as much positivity […]

Burst Your Bubble

The Two Americas. We hear this term a lot these days, but it would be difficult denying the reality. Funny enough, we were just having a conversation with a friend […]

Anything-But-Plain Jane

Most of us only know Jane Fonda from her work in Hollywood. Or watching our moms dance around the house in aerobic frenzies. 9 to 5, Barbarella and Grace & Frankie all have […]

How To Hook Up In An Hour Or Less

Some movies were meant to be released on Hump Day. But we’ll forgive HBO’s Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age for coming out this Monday instead. The new documentary follows […]

The Next Great HBO Series

It’s been way too long since we’ve been without a TV series from the talented, provocative, gay writer/director/producer Alan Ball. We lived for Six Feet Under and (most of) True Blood. Tomorrow […]

Twice The Franco

In the HBO series premiere of The Deuce, we get to see James Franco’s naked butt. Exclamation points all around! What’s even more exciting, however, is that he plays twins. So […]

Voices Of Change

At no point in recorded history have transgender people been more visible. But most still face disproportionate amounts of discrimination, intolerance and violence. The more we hear directly from these […]

Ull In The Family

Without Tracey Ullman, we wouldn’t have The Simpsons. We also wouldn’t have a reason to resubscribe to HBO (Game of Thrones does nothing for us). But this weekend, the master […]

Looking, Further.

Fans of HBO’s Looking were saddened that the series that defined a new generation of gay men only lasted two seasons. Fortunately, HBO understood the show’s appeal and ordered a […]