Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Helen Holy

Boeing, Bobby & Barbra

Back to business. I am on fire for the world this week. Boeing. As a woman who must often travel to mission events via air travel, I have been bereft regarding the troubles with the Boeing 737 MAX jet. With Dallas being the home base of my ministry, I am at the mercy of American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, both […]

Crazy Christian Carnality

I have some very simple statements this week.  Be ye touched. Crazy.  Here’s an intriguing headline.  “Kellyanne Conway’s husband is trying to tell the public Trump is mentally ill.  She doesn’t agree.”  I believe I’ll side with Brother Mr. Conway on this one.  I mean, if anyone has exposure to the behavior of a mentally ill person, I’ll wager it’s […]

Scribbling, Shopping & Selfie-ing

I’m a little cranky this week since I lost an hour of sleep on Saturday. Scribbling.  I simply must comment on a story of biblical importance.  While visiting tornado victims in Alabama, our POTUS was photographed autographing Bibles for the teeming masses.  While I can assure you that DT had no part in authoring the book, it all seemed rather […]

Conservatives, Cohen & Conference

A couple of doses of politics and a big swig of religion. Conservatives.  As an upstanding Christian woman, I have a keen interest in the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.  This year, to the delight of many, President Brother Donald Trump held court in a sermon of over two hours.  Personally, I don’t believe any lives are saved after an […]

Tasteless, Taken & Tongues

Time to review televisions annual biggest display of degradation. Tasteless. Once again, the mother of all awards shows has come and gone and left a tasteless film of filth (filth of film?) on all of us. I haven’t seen this many sodomite portrayals of royalty honored since Caligula hit theaters. Best Supporting Actor for playing a piano playing sodomite. Best Actor for playing […]

Suffering, Suffragettes, & Suffice

My heart is heavy this week. Suffering.  I am never remiss in my condemnation of Hollyweird awards shows.  However, after the portion of the Grammys which I suffered through Sunday night, I am positively aghast.  This debacle makes the Oscars and even the drunken bacchanal of the Golden Globes look positively sacred.  Who are these cretins?  And what manner of […]

Pastels, Passengers & Peace

In this post-resurrection time, let us join our hearts in prayer over these thoughts. Pastels. He is Risen! I am renewed and rejuvenated after celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior this past Sunday. I saw so few familiar faces at church, as the pews were filled with the C&E Christians who only attend twice a year. Moreover, this is […]

The 701 Club: Inauguration, Instigation & Inaccuracy

Behold these new beginnings, these retributions and these liberties. Inauguration: God Bless America! Our new President, Donald J. Trump, has been officially coronated, er, inaugurated and is hard at work making America great again! Already, the White House web pages for the Mexicans and Sodomites have been removed. Brother Donald, being a fine Christian man, entered his new home in […]

The 701 Club: Memories, Monarchies & Motels

Let us ponder the three ring circuses coming and going in our land. Memories: The end of an era has come to pass. Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus has folded its tent after 146 years of three-ring performances. Ah, the memories of watching foreigners flying through the air from one swing to the next, pedophiles disguised as clowns chasing small […]

The 701 Club: Designers, Declarers & Deviants

I am on FIRE this week. Handle with care. Designers: Lord help us! Hollyweird awards season is upon us. Famous women pushing the envelope of good taste with gravity defying dress disasters, famous men thinking that a tux will excuse bad grooming, and all of them trying to look like they’re glad to be there. I watched the first parade of […]