Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Designed That Way

Which came first, the rainbow flag or the pink triangle? The Grindr logo or 2(x)ist underwear? If it’s queer and iconic, you’ll find it in the new LGBTQ history book, […]

Stonewall Gets Graphic

Pictures make reading so much better! We think we might’ve actually made it through The Iliad with a few carefully positioned illustrations. But we don’t ever have to worry about […]

Somos Nosotros

Still reeling from the season finale of This Is Us? Don’t worry, it’s coming back tomorrow night! Well, not really. But sort of. This Thursday, The Dallas Way and LULAC Dallas Rainbow […]

Historical Blindness

If we can’t look to our past, we’re doomed to a future that should’ve been brighter. We read that on a fortune cookie once. Or in a bathroom stall. (We […]

History, In The Buff

If you want to make history exciting, read about it while you’re naked. Or just grab the new book from local gay author (and rocker of the bow tie long […]

Things That Go Bump In The Big D

There are plenty of scary things in Dallas. Like fake breasts made of cadaver fat. Men who still wear Ed Hardy. And Mexican restaurants that charge for chips and salsa. […]

History Channeled

Not all of us can count on having a professional biography published about our lives, or those of our family and friends. And our memoir keeps getting put on hold […]