Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Dreaming Of France?

We haven’t been to Europe in practically forever. Mostly because Southwest Airlines isn’t going there yet and we have a ton of miles to use. But some day we’ll return. […]

Pink Traveler: 50 & Proud

Turning 50 can be scary. (Trust us, it’s happening to us sooner than we’d like.) But it also represents a monumental achievement, whether as a person or a movement that […]

Pink Traveler: Live Large In NOLA For The Holidays (All Of Them)

A six-pack hiding beneath a shirt. A little random hair here and there. And so many unique aromas. Funny how traits we love in men rarely translate to hotel rooms. As […]

In The Heart Of Manhattan

We love a great surprise. At the beginning of the summer we were working on a roundup of New York City hotels for a travel story. One of the properties […]

Queen Of This Castle

For years, our gay friends have been encouraging us to visit a Korean spa. Years ago we walked through one on a guided tour, but never actually stayed to enjoy […]

Texas-Sized Luxury

We wake up in strange beds even more now than back in our days as the Midwest’s highest paid male escort. Sure, we miss the stacks of dollar bills and […]