Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Loofah Those Low-Hangers

Whether you’re purchasing something for your father (or just your favorite Daddy), the gift of personal hygiene never goes out of style. And we’re talking really personal. Who among us […]

A Brush With Greatness

In a world where modern conveniences keep getting exponentially more convenient, it’s no surprise that the latest technological advancement involves something you put in your mouth. Introducing the Emmi-dent 6 […]

Soap Star

We’re going back to the bar. Yes, we know. That’s a phrase we’ve uttered nearly every day of our post-21 existence. But this time, we’re talking about soap. Indeed, we’re […]

Don't Forget To Wipe

Purple teeth are never sexy. Unless they’re attached to an Abercrombie & Fitch model. But that doesn’t happen too often (few of them eat or drink anything anyway). Yet for […]