Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Garland’s Technicolor Life

It’s a big year for Judy Garland fans. Fifty years after her tragic overdose, she’s been celebrated throughout 2019 in a variety of media. Tonight, she comes to the small screen as Showtime presents a new documentary on the superstar. In Sid and Judy, viewers will be treated to rare clips and concert footage, as well as details of her […]

The I Has It

In fashion, one day you’re in. And the next, you’re out. That Heidi Klum wisdom will some day live alongside Plato and Socrates carved into stone for future generations. Or at least we hope. But speaking of fashion and being out, last week I.M.: A Memoir was released and with it, so many secrets and stories from gay fashion designer Isaac […]

Hello, Barb-y Girl

Babs is back! Beloved gay icon, Barbra Streisand, debuted a brand-new album yesterday. Walls features original issue-driven songs (see the video for the first single below), as well as melancholy covers of tunes such as Imagine, What a Wonderful World and Happy Days Are Here Again. As always, her luscious voice takes center stage with beautiful and sometimes thought-provoking results. Unlike our beloved Cher who strives to […]

Anything-But-Plain Jane

Most of us only know Jane Fonda from her work in Hollywood. Or watching our moms dance around the house in aerobic frenzies. 9 to 5, Barbarella and Grace & Frankie all have special places in our heart. But for many, she will always be known as the embodiment of controversy for her activism during the Vietnam War. A new HBO documentary, Jane Fonda […]

Without Su, We’d Have No Ru

All hail the Queen of the Night. That’s the moniker given to beloved Gothamite and avant-garde fashion icon, Susanne Bartsch. For the on-the-scene and in-the-know movers and shakers of New York City, she’s a household name (and face) no matter what you call her. She launched the careers of new-generation icons, including RuPaul and Marc Jacobs, all while helping raise millions […]

Ironic, Iconic & Quite Possibly Some Parts Bionic

The Rose Room is about to welcome the world’s most famous divas. And the drag queens taking over their souls for a night. A week from Sunday, join us at Icon The Show, a Rose Room drag spectacle that’s always a hoot and three-quarters. Featuring legendary drag superstars Hot Chocolate, Tasha Kohl, Raquel Blake and mistress of ceremonies Kelexis Davenport […]

Four Queens Beat Being Straight

We’re not much into gambling, but we definitely know that in poker four queens are tough to beat. Same holds true at The Rose Room this Sunday, except this is one instance where four queens equal a full house. Hosted by the ever-sassy Cassie Nova, Icon The Show features the tremendous drag talents of Tasha Kohl, Dee Ranged and Onyx Anderson. Unlike […]

Ann With A Plan

We met Ann Richards once. And she was an absolute bitch. Once we got over the shock of the snub after telling her how much we admired her, however, we realized that it was this same strong personality (and wicked sense of humor) that made us love her in the first place. So what if we didn’t become her new gay […]

Looking For The Juiciest Biography Of The Year? Dunne!

Dominick Dunne spent much of his life in the closet. But in many ways, that only added to the allure and mystique of the famed Vanity Fair journalist, known for living an otherwise very public life while covering the crimes of the rich and famous. From O.J. Simpson and the Menendez brothers to Phil Spector and Claus von Bülow. Written by out gay […]

Happy Kwanza

Coming soon to video screens in gay bars and clubs everywhere: the latest from the newest dance diva on our bedazzled radar, Kwanza Jones. Watch the video for Time to Go, the new single from her upcoming album (out this summer). She’s like the lovechild of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Just look at that cool Jiffy Pop outfit! That’s […]