Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

JAmeson Farn

how a stalker can ruin someone's reputation

To Catch A Stalker

Three of our biggest fears: Going to prison for a crime we didn’t commit. Getting buried alive. Cilantro. Well, now thanks to the latest book from Jameson Farn, we can add cyberstalking to that list. Stalker Craig is the outrageously terrifying true story of the gay author’s real-life stalker and how his friendship with another gay man devolved into a […]

Things Are About To Get Steamy

On our short list of dream jobs (right behind vodka taster, Betty White’s pool boy, and amateur proctologist), a full-time career in the Bathhouse Arts ranks pretty close to the top. Day-in, day-out of going to work with dozens of naked men sounds so much better than sitting in a cubicle or digging a ditch. Yet as with most things […]