Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


I/O, You

The fastest way to a gay boy’s heart is an easy-access input. And that’s exactly what makes these new jeans from I/O Denim so special. Featuring a dedicated pocket positioned mid-thigh for storage of any smartphone with a screen 4.8” or smaller (including iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5), these 100% cotton jeans eliminate the unflattering bulge that every guy […]

Worn This Way

For years, extreme-right-wing religious zealots have warned that we can somehow turn straight people gay. As we all know, that’s simply not true. (We know because we’ve tried). But their second-greatest fear is a reality: clothes that turn gay. Introducing Gay Jeans, now in the final phases of a crowdfunding project that’s already reached its goal. What’s unique about Gay […]

Mutated Jeans?

Remember when the gays used to wear cut-off, rolled-up jean shorts, scrunchy white socks and combat boots? First of all, that look is over. Secondly, it’s just one teeny-tiny example of our decades-long love affair with denim. But now, jeans have become such a high-dollar fashion item that they need to fit perfectly or you’ve just blown half a car […]