Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

joan crawford

But You Are, Blanche, You Are In That Theater Chair!

Forget what you’ve read from every movie critic on the planet. In the vast cinematic universe, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? will always be one of the best films ever. And certainly one of the all-time campiest. Fortunately for fans of the movie (or anyone who’s never had the privilege of seeing the Joan Crawford-Bette Davis Overacting Bitchfest Extravaganzapalooza) […]

Mommy Flogger

October and horror movies go together like wire hangers and little-girl clothes. But forget Freddy Kruger, Michael Meyers and friends, there are few movie monsters scarier than Joan Crawford as portrayed in Mommie Dearest. Tonight, catch the legendarily campy, amazingly quotable film at the Texas Theatre as CinéWilde presents its monthly must-see movie for LGBT fans. Before the screening, meet upstairs at […]

But She Is, Blanche, She Is!

Tomorrow, Sunday Funday transforms into Sunday Feudday. Surely you know by now that Ryan Murphy’s latest limited series premieres this weekend, but in case you’ve been locked in a room by your nasty, former-child-star sister, we’re here to help. Not get you out of the room, of course, but help you pass the time. Feud: Bette and Joan stars Susan […]