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Joan Rivers

The Men Behind The Makeup

On RuPaul’s Drag Race, we always get to see the drag superstars-in-the-making au natural, both in the workroom between challenges and during the on-camera confessionals. Yet so many of our beloved drag queens’ male alter-egos remain a mystery. Case in point: easily our favorite drag persona on the planet, Miss Richfield 1981 (portrayed by Russ K.), and Simply Barbra (brought […]

The 701 Club: Joan, Michael Sam & Ice Buckets

Welcome to the 701 Club, where our Christian perspective on the news is just a LITTLE BIT BETTER than Pat Robertson’s. Here is what the Lord has laid on my heart this week: Joan Rivers: Joan Rivers has passed from this earth. As a devout Babatist, it is difficult for me to pray redemption on Jewish people, but I feel certain that […]

Hate, Joan & Other Four-Letter Words

Reading in summertime shouldn’t tax your brain too much. It’s, like, unconstitutional or something. Besides, there’s only one shade of grey we’re interested in. His name is Anderson Cooper. Leave it to Joan Rivers, though, to put out a book that’s as easy-to-read as it is spit-out-your-mojito hilarious. It’s what our aunt would call a “bathroom book” thanks to its […]

Mama Drama

We’re bad, bad gays. How on earth did we miss the first season of Joan & Melissa: Mother Knows Best? We were fully aware it existed because we’d seen clips on The Soup or at our plastic surgery support group, but we never recorded it. Again, what were we thinking? Then last week, we received the first three episodes of […]