Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

jr’s bar & grill

Come On, Zombie, Let’s Go Party

Why wait until the Halloween Block Party to bust out a costume? You don’t have to! Especially when you have a back-to-back lineup of undead adventures this Saturday night. Break out your best pink brain-eating ensemble to channel your own Killer Ken or Skull-crushing Skipper as you kick things off with the Zombie Barbie Bar Crawl. Then stick around in […]

All About (Christmas) Eve

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without One. Final. Ugly. Sweater. Party. Or several in the case of every Caven Enterprises venue this Christmas Eve. This Saturday night, head to either Station 4 (S4), The Rose Room, Sue Ellen’s, JR’s Bar & Grill and The Mining Company (TMC)—or all of the above! It’s a Christmas Eve celebration that will find […]

Bros Before Bros

On September 30, the first major studio motion romcom starring two gay men portraying two gay men opens nationwide. But before Bros makes history next month, you can catch an exclusive clip in the 44-seat BROS Mobile parked outside JR’s today in the gayborhood. From 6:00 p.m. to midnight tonight you can drop by and get a first look at […]

O Come, All Ye Freafkul

O come ye, o come ye! Not only are these lyrics from one of the most famous carols of 1841, it’s also what we scream in bed to guys during the holiday season. And speaking of inappropriate traditions, Cassie Nova returns Monday night to JR’s for her world-famous Holiday Freakmas show. Proceeds from the night of entertainment benefit the Secret […]

All Dressed Up & Four Places To Go

Happy Halloween!  Even though many of you have been celebrating since the morning after Labor Day, the official holiday has finally arrived once and for all. So, if you still haven’t scratched that scary itch (and no, not that scary itch), tonight you have one last opportunity to get some mileage out of that costume you spilled Fireball shots on Saturday […]

Are You #TeamAsia?

After last week’s draaaaaamatic reunion episode, we can’t wait for tomorrow night’s Season 10 finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race. We like each of the four finalists for various reasons, but we’re really pulling for Dallas diva Asia O’Hara to bring the crown (and golden Ru) back to Big D. As they have each Thursday this season, JR’s hosts a watch party from […]