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Judy Garland

Clang! Clang! Clang! Renée Zellweger as Judy Garland Is Everything.

The first official trailer was released today for JUDY and we’re over the rainbow for it. Renée Zellweger brings the LGBTQ icon to life better than we could’ve ever hoped […]

Deck The Halls With The Best Garland Ever

Jesus Christ: King of the Jews. Janelle Lutz: Queen of the Judys. One of our all-time favorite Uptown Players actors returns to the role she was born to play in A […]

Call Of Judy

If there were a “Last Supper” painting of gay icons, many would argue that Judy Garland should be front and center. Her arms spread like Jesus, the Gagas and Madonnas […]

Friends of Dorothy

Generations of gay men made her an icon. She’s the stuff of great myth and legend in Hollywood. But now, we’re getting to know the real star in her own […]

Totally Oz-some

True confessions: We hate The Wizard of Oz. There, we’ve finally put it out in the universe. No more pretending to care about Wicked, no more clicking our heels together […]