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Ken Said

10 Question in 10 Minutes with Tom Peters

Catching up with Tom Peters is no easy task. The Berlin-based DJ, music producer, promoter and clothing designer is a nonstop creative machine. Known by many as the man behind a line of T-shirts adorned with clever, heartfelt slogans, Peters is also making big waves as DJ/music producer. He’s built a loyal following on a signature sound that weaves together […]

This Is Why You’re Forty and Single

It’s widely regarded that if you’re not partnered up by the time you’re forty, you’re damaged goods, past your sell-by date and risk being put in the dating half-off bin. We all know that’s a bunch of crap. I mean, there are plenty of fantastic guys out there far north of forty. (Okay, maybe not plenty but you get my […]

3 Totally Obvious Fitness Tips You’re Not Doing

It’s safe to say that the whole fitness industry has gotten a little out of hand. Every other day there’s a new miracle ‘must-have’ supplement or training program promising to take us all from chubby to chiseled. What’s ever more astonishing is how easily we can get hooked into the supplement spending frenzy, and completely ignore the most critical fixes […]

7 Men You Can Never Date

Let’s face it; we’ve all fallen prey to a handsome face, kind smile, great bulge build. Sure, at first glance, he seems like Mr. Absolutely Right. He sweeps you off your cynical feet with witty texts, great dinners and thoughtful gestures. The sex is incredible. You just made his latest selfie the wallpaper on your phone. Yes, you’re ready to […]