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Ken Zachmann

This Is Why You’re Forty and Single

It’s widely regarded that if you’re not partnered up by the time you’re forty, you’re damaged goods, past your sell-by date and risk being put in the dating half-off bin. We all know that’s a bunch of crap. I mean, there are plenty of fantastic guys out there far north of forty. (Okay, maybe not plenty but you get my […]

3 Totally Obvious Fitness Tips You’re Not Doing

It’s safe to say that the whole fitness industry has gotten a little out of hand. Every other day there’s a new miracle ‘must-have’ supplement or training program promising to take us all from chubby to chiseled. What’s ever more astonishing is how easily we can get hooked into the supplement spending frenzy, and completely ignore the most critical fixes […]

Find Your Guru

It’s no secret that the journey to self-improvement is, at best, a jagged road riddled with temptation,piss-poor judgment, and enough self-loathing to fuel some seriously epic hangovers. It’s also no revelation that having someone there to give you a few pointers on your path to a better life could save you from choosing that ‘roided-up-psycho trainer or that beginning French […]

Top 5 Rules To Work A Room

At most networking events, people often fall into one of three categories: Interesting, Boring or Assholes. Sadly, the latter two seem to be in far greater supply than the former. To help distinguish which category people fall into and how to navigate that initial conversation, we talked to a few networking pros and came up with the top five rules […]

Nine Ways To F-Up Your Job

It’s been said that getting fired can be a blessing in disguise. You know, the cliché that getting the pink slip is simply the universe telling that you’re going in the wrong direction. Okay, maybe that is true, but if you find yourself getting that same message every nine to 18 months, it probably means the universe is telling you […]

Sure, It Gets Better…But How?

It’s been just over a year since Dan Savage recorded the first “It Gets Better” video. Since that day, more than 20,000 personal testimonials for LGBT teens have flooded YouTube, all offering a sense of hope that life does get better over time. While it’s hard to argue that the “It Gets Better Project” is an undeniable inspiration for young […]