Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Kitchen LTO

We Love A Big Caucus

Between all the debates, primaries, town halls and politically dominated headlines, we can’t wait for November. Just so it’ll all be over. But Sunday, you can exercise your right to vote while eating, drinking and being all sorts of merry. It’s already time for Kitchen LTO’s sixth round of chef/artist presentations where you get to vote not only for the […]

Brunch Of The Month: Sunday Sinday

We’ve always had a crush on Blythe Beck, a.k.a. The Naughty Chef. Because, quite frankly, the only possible way a woman can seduce us is with copious amounts of butter, bacon and booze. And she’s not afraid to use any of them. Sometimes not even in the kitchen. Well, she’s back in Big D as the resident chef for Version […]

Brunch Of The Month: Get It While It Lasts

As we reported last month, Kitchen LTO has welcomed its second chef for a four-month stint. Which means time is already running out to try the incredible brunch menu from Chef Eric Shelton before it’s too late. Luckily, the Trinity Groves restaurant is serving up signature brunch dishes on both Saturday and Sunday, doubling your opportunities to partake. The menu […]

Reincarnation: It’s Real, Folks!

We love the concept behind Kitchen LTO (Limited Time Only). Every four months, the space gets a makeover and the chef gets the heave-ho so a new one can take his place. It’s the inspiration for our own Bedroom LTO (although we’re opting for a switch-up every four days). Make your reservations now for the inaugural weekend of Kitchen LTO […]