Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


As Seen On TV: Attachment Issues

We have no willpower. Whether it’s “one” last cocktail, a third Xanax or a quickie at a rest stop with a trucker, we just can’t say no. Our mother raised us to be polite, after all. So it should come as no surprise that when the voice on the TV demands that we “Call in the next 15 minutes for […]

Kitschin’ Duty

One of the first male nudie magazines we ever saw was a Playgirl that featured a pictorial with a hot guy in nothing but an apron. Eventually, the apron came off, of course, but the image was enough to raise our temperature. Among other things. It’s that very Playgirl moment of truth that we attribute to not only our obsession […]

Real Houseknives of New Jersey

It used to be sufficient to have one knife in the kitchen for all your cutting needs. Then, somebody decided it was important to have a green knife and matching cutting board for veggies, a red set for meats, a yellow set for poultry and a blue set for seafood. So we bought them all. But that wasn’t specific enough […]

Smokin' Pot (Holders)

Like our great Uncle Joe used to always say, “There’s not enough nudity in the kitchen.” Of course, that led to the great Thanksgiving disaster of 1983. Let’s just say that Ball Park franks aren’t the only wieners that plump when you cook them. But it had a happy ending after the whole thing fell off because he was much […]

Make Smoothies, Not War

After a long summer of frozen drinks by the pool, we have a graveyard of blenders in our backyard that weren’t up to the challenge of a couple gay drunks and all our gay drunken friends. Most margaritas are accompanied by the smell of fresh fried tortilla chips. At our house, they came with the smell of burning motors and […]