Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lady Bunny

Boogie Night

Calling all Bell Bottoms and Halter Tops! Disco days are here again when Resource Center and Purple Foundation present Toast To Life: Time to Boogie on Saturday, March 4. Now in its 19th year, the always-amazing fundraiser takes on the most glamorous trend of the 1970s with a night of eating, drinking and dancing in the million-lighted twinkle of spinning disco […]

Look Who’s Hopping Into Town

Her ta-tas are as big as her ha-has. But usually when Lady Bunny is in Dallas (which is fairly often) it’s spinning tunes and looking fab at a charity event. Or the occasional big gay wedding with Jennifer Hudson. This Saturday, however, she’ll be in the newly upgraded Rose Room at S4 for a night of pure comedy. Start time […]

A Land Full Of Wonder, Mystery & Danger!

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Case in point: Alice in Wonderland merely had a talking White Rabbit. Resource Center, however, has Lady Bunny. That’s a far, far, far crazier rabbit by any estimation. But the world of Alice is all part of the Mad Hatter’s Ball, the 18th Annual Toast To Life gala. Guests are encouraged to wear […]

Vote Bush 2015

You’re spontaneous, right? Well, now’s your chance to prove it. Or start before you get a reputation of being dull and boring. Because next weekend is the most spectacular, avant-garde drag festival happening in all of September (if not your lifetime), so gather up those airline points and book a trip to Brooklyn for Bushwig 2015. It’s now the fourth […]