Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lake Highlands

Gays Just Wanna Have Fun

Normally, the only noise we find acceptable in a movie theater is the soft crunching of popcorn. Emphasis on soft. Don’t even get us started on people chatting during a film. But we do have exceptions to our rules—and so does the famous-for-kicking-people-out-for-talking-theater-chain, Alamo Drafthouse. By now you’ve probably attended (or at least heard of) their fan-favorite quote-along and sing-along […]

Oh, Brothers

When we think of Oktoberfest, there are three things that come to mind: Beer. Lederhosen. And pizza, of course. But it wasn’t until our first visit to Primo Brothers Pizza, a 32-year-old Lake Highlands restaurant, that an Italian staple bumped bratwurst off our list (sorta). The Oktoberfest Pizza kicks off six months of pizzas with international flair at the quaint […]