Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Las Vegas

Friend, Romans, Gays, Lynde Me Your Rears

In the 1960s and 70s, Paul Lynde was gayer than just about anyone this side of Liberace. We first discovered the comedian as a kid while watching reruns of Bewitched, in which he camped it up as the flamboyant, pun-dispensing Uncle Arthur. We couldn’t decide who we wanted to be more when we grew up, the sassy warlock or his gorgeous niece, […]

Magic Mike Live Dancers Teach Ellen’s “Average Andy” The Moves

Most of us know Ellen’s executive producer Andy for his hilarious haunted house tours. But now we can add erotic dancer to his ever-growing resume. Dancers from “Magic Mike Live,” the movie-inspired male strip show coming to the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas next year, took Andy under their well-chiseled wings to teach him their signature moves. Andy might […]

The 701 Club: Las Vegas, Losers & Lindsey

As we celebrate this Christmas, let us turn our hearts and thoughts to some unfortunate happenings in the world around us. Las Vegas: Let us join our hearts in prayer for the victims of the awful tragedy where a driver ran down people on the streets of Las Vegas on Sunday. The city was packed with tourists as usual, but […]

Airotic Heights

We’ve never understood the allure of the Mile High Club. Because the only real way to achieve membership was a little under-the-blanket action with the person in the seat next to you. Or cramming into the lavatory and hoping not to set off the flight attendant call button during the big O. Until now. It’s time to book a flight […]

Midler On The Poof

We love Las Vegas, but we can only go there once every few years. Our livers, wallets and criminal records just can’t take much more than that. That means we rely on DVDs to keep us up-to-date on all the great shows we wish we’d seen live. (Sadly, we can never erase the memory of the one performer we did […]

The Gay(er) Side Of Vegas

Sarah Palin could see Russia from her doorstep. We could see Circus Circus. If you’re heading to Vegas and prefer to ditch the Broadway musicals, drag queen revues and shirtless male dancers for something gay, then have we got the place for you. Blue Moon Resort is proud to be the only gay men’s resort in Las Vegas. Tucked away […]