Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Adopt A Positive Attitude

HIV stigma sucks. Especially when it comes from within the LGBTQ community. Even with all the advances in treatment and prevention, people still have a lot of misconceptions about anyone living with HIV/AIDS. That’s why Prism Health North Texas created an informative video series that tackles how HIV stigma affects the LGBTQ+, Latino/Latinx, Black, and Transgender communities. You can watch […]

Somos Nosotros

Still reeling from the season finale of This Is Us? Don’t worry, it’s coming back tomorrow night! Well, not really. But sort of. This Thursday, The Dallas Way and LULAC Dallas Rainbow Council #4871 present Our Stories, Our History: This Is Us, a roundtable discussion focusing on the history of the Latino LGBTQ community in Dallas. Moderated by one of Dallas’ first […]

La Historia Oficial

It’s time for a come to Jesús moment. But you’ll have to wait until Saturday. That’s when Dallasite Jesús Cháirez will speak about his experiences in the city as a gay man from the early ‘80s through today as part of the speaker series at TeCo Theatrical Productions. As an organizer and the first president of DFW’s original gay Latino […]