Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Brunch Of The Week: Over Lebaneasy

When you hear the word brunch, you probably immediately picture a few obvious dishes. Eggs Benedict. French toast. Bacon. Well, toss aside all previously conceived notions about the beloved meal and head to gay-owned Zatar in Deep Ellum this Sunday for one of the most unique brunches in the city. Don’t worry, at least one Dallas brunch staple is front and center: […]

Lebanese On Down The Road

“Smoking or non-smoking?” Haven’t heard that upon entering a Dallas restaurant in years. But that’s exactly how you’ll be greeted at the chic new Zåtar Lebanese Tapas & Bar in Deep Ellum. Don’t worry, though, the smoke here adds to the ambiance and overall experience. Because it’s hookahs, hookers! For us, hookah is best for after-dinner so it doesn’t compete with the wonderful […]