Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


24/7/365 Queer

Even though TV has become gayer than ever, sometimes it’s just not gay enough. That’s where Revry comes in. The first global LGBTQ streaming network has launched new apps for pretty much every platform from Apple and Android to Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Whether you’re looking for comedy, drama or a heavy dose of reality, they’ve got you covered. […]

Holy Morgan Fairchild!

This week is a stream come true: so much queer content, we can hardly stand it! It all starts with the delightful, scene-chewing, over-the-top entrance of the one and only Morgan Fairchild onto the set of Mélange, a new Logo series debuting tomorrow on YouTube and Facebook. Produced like an old-school soap opera (complete with end-of-scene character reactions accompanied by […]

ALMA Matters

It’s New Music Friday and we’ve got an album we think you’re going to love. And if you’re like us, it’s probably an artist you might have overlooked. After all, we’re not usually looking to green-haired people with their tongues out for great music. (It’s the burgeoning fuddy-duddy in us.) But what a surprise as soon as we heard Have […]

Feelin’ Groovy?

Who’s ready to party like it’s 1969? This Saturday, instead of the regularly scheduled Flower Power Gaybingo at the Rose Room, the Resource Center team members have come up with a creative alternative. Instead of bingo, which they can’t play online due to state laws (as if those matter anymore, right Mr. Abbott?), it’ll be a tie-dyed night of free […]

So Many Bananas!

Do you love bananas? Perhaps you’re more of an eggplant aficionado. Or maybe you’re perfectly fine with a teeny-tiny pickle. Of course, it’s entirely possible you prefer a couple of ripe melons and a big juicy taco. And that’s OK. When it comes to sexuality and food innuendo, anything goes. The same can be said for what you see on-screen […]

Move Over, Tiger King

Well, crap. We’ve always thought a lot of reality TV shows pure caca, but TruTV has squeezed out a winner. Tirdy Works, debuting tomorrow, is truly #1 in #2. If you haven’t guessed it by now, this series centers around poop. Or more specifically, moose poop and the ways the citizens of tiny Somerville, Maine are turning turds into treasure. […]

Dress Up, Why Don’t You?

Enough with the dress shirt/no pants ensemble you’ve been sporting for all those Zoom meetings. Tonight there’s a happy hour and even though it’s another virtual experience, why not go ahead and throw on something nice? Comb your hair, shave your beard, spritz a little cologne. Sure, nobody will see you on Facebook Live when Black Tie Dinner hosts its […]

Dem-y More

2020 will likely go down as one of the worst years in modern history. But it can still get a whole lot more devastating come November. Equality for the LGBTQ community is being attacked at an alarming pace and we can’t afford to sit back and watch it happen. This is the year for action. So now that we all […]

Dallas Pride Postpones Festival & Parade

Dallas Pride will be hotter than ever this year. In more ways than one. It was officially announced that Dallas Pride Weekend festivities have moved from June 6 and 7 to July 25 and 26. Follow Dallas Pride on Facebook and Twitter or visit dallaspride.org to keep up with all the latest developments. Let’s just hope it isn’t a social-distancing […]

Pink Traveler: Rosé All Day, All Week

We pop our cork for every guy we see. Unlike Shirley Bassey. But it’s only because we enjoy sharing wine with others. And if they’re gay, even better. So imagine our excitement when we learned that Out in the Vineyard has expanded its wildly popular Gay Wine Weekend into a full Gay Wine Week, July 16 to 22. With more […]