Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The 701 Club: Donald, Dancing & Degradation

Let us turn our focus to more lighthearted fare this week, lest we wallow in the misery of the world about us. Read on, ye faithful! Donald: The Republican National Convention is underway in the Land of Cleve in Ohio. I have no doubt that there will be shenanigans between the time I write this and the day it appears in […]

Steele The One

Almost exactly one year ago, we praised the new album from lesbian singer Anne Steele, one of our favorite independent artists of 2015. Well now she’s coming to town as part of a concert tour to support that album, What’s Mine. Plus, she’ll also sing a few of her insanely good covers. If you’ve never heard her music, seen her […]

Sizzy That Walk

If you’re into provocative watermelon eating, we’ve got the singer for you. Her name’s Sizzy Rocket and she’s an out and proud lesbian singer/songwriter taking the music world by the balls and not letting go. Just see what she does with fruit during an Olivia Newton-John Physical-worthy workout in the video for her debut single, “Bestie” (above).Her second single, produced […]

Funny Grrrl

The weekend starts tomorrow! Which means it’s already time to start thinking about next weekend’s plans. Top of that list should be Cameron Esposito, one of the most intentionally funny lesbians we’ve ever seen. (Unlike our good friend, Jackie, who simply looks funny.) Those who know the gut-wrenchingly hilarious comedian already have tickets to see the woman with the famous […]

Reality Bites…Then Kisses

When does our Queen Lesbian ever sleep? Because Ellen’s at it again, producing another TV show. Today’s your chance to be a star in that very show, and have your name in lights alongside Ms. DeGeneres. NBC has ordered eight episodes of First Dates, an “observational documentary series” that follows couples meeting for the first time. There are no competitions, […]

Vajajays (And Other Pies)

We’ve always been impressed with the staying power of The Vagina Monologues. So much so that we unloaded our entire life savings to produce a show aiming to replicate its success with a male audience. Sadly, Foreskin Filibusters closed during intermission the first night. But that just makes us respect their show that much more. Tonight, you can get a […]

She’s Having Nun Of It

Anyone who’s been to our house knows our obsession with nuns. From our cast-iron nun bottle openers to our wind-up fire-breathing Nunzilla, let’s just say our irreverent fondness would get us slapped on the wrist with a ruler. So when we received a copy of a story about a sister discovering that she was actually gay, we knew we had […]

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Feminists

Allow us to introduce you to a new music genre: Feminist country. It’s a term we’d never heard until we received the music video for Antigone Rising’s first single, “That Was the Whiskey.” The description alone had us intrigued. But it was the video that confirmed this as a genre we could wholeheartedly embrace. Of course, our first course of […]

Proud & About

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We’re lucky to live in Dallas. Not only do we have one of the biggest pride parades in the nation, we have dozens of events leading up to the huge celebration to get us motivated. Almost too many, in fact. But we’ve narrowed down the festivities to five can’t-miss Pride Weekend […]

Become A Badger

A road trip to Austin is always a good idea. But some excuses are better than others. Take AGLIFF (The Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival), now in its 27th year. Not only are they featuring dozens of queer flicks such as Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine, Regarding Susan Sontag and Boys (above), as well as dramatic, […]