Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Leslie Jordan

Kat Gets Better

Need something to look forward to after the holiday season wraps up this Friday? Look no further than the new Fox sitcom, Call Me Kat. But first, a warning. Stick with the show and don’t judge it solely on the pilot. Because this could be one of the most perfect dream casts ever assembled: Mayim Bialik, Leslie Jordan, Cheyenne Jackson, […]

The Les You Know

We met Leslie Jordan years ago and he couldn’t have been nicer. Not only did he pose for a photo with us, he posed for seven photos with us because he kept closing his eyes when the shutter clicked. Now that’s a good sport. In fact, he’s one of the rare celebrities we’ve met who’s as warm, gentle and hilarious in […]

Mondo White Trasho

You can’t keep a good Brother Boy down. With the phenomenal success and long-extended run of A Very Sordid Wedding at The Texas Theatre, we’re thrilled to announce the return of the original Sordid Lives to the big screen for one night only tomorrow. The endlessly quotable, gut-bustingly funny look at the inhabitants of a small Texas town will always be one of […]

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something White Trash

Shake our family tree too hard and more than a few people with red necks will fall out. Perhaps that’s why we have such a love for the Sordid Lives franchise. We can practically quote every line of the original 2000 film. The entire Sordid Lives: The Series is a permanent fixture on our DVR. And every one of our nieces and nephews […]

Laughter, Completely Uncensored

He held his own against Karen Walker on Will & Grace.  He made us cheer for the underdog in Sordid Lives. And he’s easily, consistently one of the best things on any season of American Horror Story he finds himself in. Next week, Leslie Jordan returns to Dallas in a show to benefit Legacy Counseling Center. Joined by talented singer […]

Weekend Guide: November 19-22

After such a wet, windy week, we’re ready to get outdoors again and enjoy the fall weather. But we’ll probably end up inside somewhere instead because let’s get real, we’re not really that outdoorsy. Here are five great things to do between tonight and Sunday in Dallas. Tonight Steel 15th Anniversary Party What: Celebrate this Oak Lawn restaurant’s milestone with […]

Queens Of The Majestic

On November 21, two comedy legends join forces. (And we’re not talking about Donald Trump and Ben Carson.) Instead, the Majestic Theater will be filled with joyful noises when Legacy Counseling Center’s An Evening of Laughter commences. Actor and hilarious storyteller extraordinaire, Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace; American Horror Story: Coven; Sordid Lives), takes the stage along with our own […]

Leslie Is More

Earlier this week in our national edition, we talked about bigger being better. Well, we’ve reversed that decision in honor of Leslie Jordan, who crams an intense amount of funny into a smaller-than-average package. This Sunday, he’ll be at the Brick in a hilarious one-gay show, An Evening with Leslie Jordan. From his work on Sordid Lives and Will & […]

No Small Feat

Few people on the planet can utter a single syllable and elicit the hearty, gut-busting laughter that Leslie Jordan can. But he’s got that power. The incredible storyteller and comedian returns to Dallas Thursday to help raise funds for Al McAffrey in his bid to become the next openly gay representative to the United States Congress. Celebrity co-hosts Ron Corning, […]

Touched By An Angel. Repeatedly.

Tonight, Leslie Jordan’s in town for a big revival and he’s being assisted by Dallas’ own Sister Helen Holy (known as Paul J. Williams to sinners). We caught up with the churchy gal and found out just how much she likes to touch people in her daily life. GLD: Helen, thank you so much for agreeing to an interview with […]