Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Let Me Say This About That

Profiles In Courage

Well, we’re almost done with the first batch of hearings of the U. S. House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack.  There will be more in July, but there’s a particular lesson to be learned from what we’ve already seen, and I for one think it should be taken to heart before going any further down this road. Not […]

A Tale of Two Hearings

The Senate Watergate Committee hearings stretched out over six months in 1973.  There were 319 hours broadcast overall, much of it simultaneously carried by the three national networks, spread over 51 days with each averaging over six hours in length.  The majority of American households, an estimated 85% of them, watched some portion of the hearings. I was fascinated and […]

The Old Familiar Places

Karl and I are back from our long overdue trip to New York.  It’s funny how leaving town for a couple of weeks should take one away from the familiar, but instead ends up providing a week of the familiar with freshness and appreciation. We started by flying to New York with two longtime friends (more than 30 years), one […]

Daddy, The Movies & Me

Daddy rarely went to the movies.  There were only a handful of times I can remember him going to see one, much less doing so by himself. When I was very young, we went to see Your Cheatin’ Heart, in which George Hamilton played Hank Williams and lip-synched to his songs sung by, strangely enough, Hank Williams, Jr.  Daddy loved […]

Somewhere Over The Randy Rainbow

“Would you consider going to Las Vegas to see Randy Rainbow?”  Well, the only question I could more quickly answer in the affirmative would be if I received an indecent proposal from Bradley Cooper.  So, off I went last week with one of my dearest friends for a little getaway and to pick up some pink glasses magic. Our trip […]

A Revoltin’ Development

Karl and I watch a premeasured amount of nightly news to avoid the unending cable networks’ loop of beating the last breaking story to death until the next one surfaces.  At this point, I say, “This is where we came in,” signaling it is time to turn off the television and call it a night.   Usually, this is occurs without […]

Duality or Dichotomy – Which Is It?

Mrs. Kimbrough was my very first English teacher.  Before that there was Reading in elementary school and Language Arts in junior high, with teachers to go with them.  But in ninth grade, the class was finally called English I, and the fairly formidable Mrs. Kimbrough was at the helm. Some teachers are quite redoubtable, using the tools readily at their […]

I Remember Mother

Toward the end of that first year in Dallas after finishing college, I had a brief live-in relationship with a fellow named Sam. It lasted just long enough for him to be invited to go to Tyler for Thanksgiving, but short enough that I had moved out with Bogie, my Pomeranian and everything in that apartment but the ice cubes well […]

Alias Smith & Rock

Now that some time has passed since the bitch-slap at the Oscars seen around the world (and without censorship in some countries, thank goodness), I’m ready to chime in, too. All the obvious observations have already been made, of course.  The joke wasn’t funny, it was tasteless, Chris Rock’s humor is bullying, and so forth.  Violence is not an appropriate […]

Move Over, Mrs. Miniver

It was perhaps inevitable that the day would come when American cable news would pull back from the foreign war in Ukraine, regardless of how connected our own national security interests might be connected to it, to focus on a political drama of a more domestic nature. While that war slogs along to an uncertain, if not timely, denouement, the […]