Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Father Cooks Best

Move over Martha Stewart, there’s a new man in town. His voice may not be as deep and he may not have hands as big and hairy, but he’s got you matched in every way in the kitchen, dining room and behind the craft table. He’s the Domestic Daddy and he’s got a lifestyle site that is exactly what you […]

Halloween On All Fours

If there’s one thing gays love even more than dressing up for Halloween, it’s putting our pets in outrageous outfits. People are still talking about the time we put that tiny sombrero on our iguana. But you still have a week to come up with your own best getup for a doggie contest at one of Dallas’ newest spots for […]

Baby, It’s Cold Inside

There are only two occasions in life when it’s acceptable to wear nothing but a gym sock on your junk. 1. Formal night at the Tin Room and… 2. Inside the new cryogenic chamber at Luxury on Lovers. If there’s a new technology available, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this spa is going to be the first to get it. […]

Gift-Wrapped & Ready

Mommy, where do condoms come from? This is a question we asked her just yesterday and she had no clue. Technically her answer of “Walgreens!” was correct, but we’re a more curious sort than that. So our good friends at LifeStyles Condoms created a video that explains it all in fascinating detail. (We wonder if that guy scraping the latex […]

Pride & Seek

If you haven’t noticed the explosion of rainbow colors on Cedar Springs Road, then you must live in the burbs. Or you need to invest in a seeing-eye gay. It seems like only yesterday we were passed out on the curb, covered in beads and confetti, being scooped up by a post-parade street sweeper. But time flies indeed, and it […]

Winners & Paloozas

When we were kids, there was one game we always excelled at: dodge ball. After all, we were so good at avoiding it in all the other sports like football, basketball, baseball and soccer that it when the actual goal was to dodge the ball, we were suddenly picked for teams first instead of the last. So we plan on […]

Deeper Shade of Sol

Living in Dallas for so long, we get used to artificial these-and-those. Tits. Teeth. Bionic livers. (Our 3-year trial is off to a great start!) But there’s one fake thing that rarely passes as real: sunless tanning. Bronzing your body in a tanning bed is like a one-way express ticket to Skin Cancer City, with a layover in Orangeville. The […]

Foreplay. With Cocktails.

Looking for a change of pace from the regular gay bars in town where everyone not only knows your name, but also your mattress size and brand of toothpaste? Tonight is the launch of a new event at Glass, a swank lounge near downtown. The festivities fall under the moniker, Foreplay Thursdays. We guess that means Friday and Saturday are […]

F-It List

By now, everyone’s heard of the bucket list concept. Things to do before you die, blah, blah, blah. Well, we have a bucket list, too. We’ve just replaced the “b” with an “f.” It’s a list of types of men (and Angelina Jolie) that we want to “have relations with” before we croak (or run out of little blue pills). […]

Practice What He Preaches

Every time we sit through a movie with somebody commenting on every joke (“I wonder what brand of ping-pong balls she’s shooting out of her hoo-hah?), posting Facebook status updates for each character (“Jason Vorhees just checked in at Camp Crystal Lake.”) or smacking on a $7 hotdog, it’s abundantly clear that people have completely lost their manners. Or never […]