Put Some Gay In Your Day!


See How Thickette Is

Seeing a naked guy in person sure beats the heck out of seeing one online. The same thing goes for drag musical numbers: A queen who sings a song live […]

Calm Down, Girl. It’s Just A 5K Walk.

As we get older, we seek outdoor activities that offer the lowest possibility of pulling a muscle. Or breaking a hip. Well, LifeWalk hasn’t let us down yet and we don’t […]

Under Where? Over There!

• Mattresses • Toothbrushes • Catheters The list of things we won’t buy used could go on for days. Surprisingly, underwear is not on that truncated version of a really long line of […]

Who’s Gonna Steal This Show? (We Can’t Wait To Find Out)

Anyone looking for a low-key weekend to recover from Labor Day should look elsewhere. Between Gay Day at Six Flags Sunday and what’s in store the night before, life’s too short […]

Puttholes Everywhere

Are you an Ace of Clubs? Then get ready for LifeWalk‘s annual golfing/drinking/laughing event, Clover Open. The pub crawl features miniature golf-style putting holes at a dozen different locations around the gayborhood. […]

Now That’s Quite The Spread

How do you like your wigs? Scrambled, fried or funny-side up? For us, the answer’s “all of the above.” We’ve been in desperate need of a drag brunch ever since […]

Walk This Way

After months of anticipation, we finally have a date with a doctor. Dr. Scholls! Yes, this Sunday, LifeWalk will be here and we have so much to do. Lace our new […]

Just Between You & MeeMaw

We always loved weekend brunch with our grandmother. Except back then, it was just called lunch. It usually featured meatloaf instead of eggs. And there were no mimosas in sight. […]


Start limbering up now. You only have one month from today until LifeWalk 2017. If you don’t know what LifeWalk is, clearly you haven’t been reading He Said Magazine. We keep plenty busy writing […]

The Hole Shebang

We love a good foursome. But sometimes it takes a few days to get one together. That’s why we’re giving you more than a week’s notice to gather three buddies […]