Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lindsey Graham

The 701 Club: Las Vegas, Losers & Lindsey

As we celebrate this Christmas, let us turn our hearts and thoughts to some unfortunate happenings in the world around us. Las Vegas: Let us join our hearts in prayer for the victims of the awful tragedy where a driver ran down people on the streets of Las Vegas on Sunday. The city was packed with tourists as usual, but […]

Waco, Weirdos & A Whacko

These are End Times, Brothers and Sisters.  Join me in praying about these recent current events. [dropcap style=”square”]Waco[/dropcap]I received much of my inspirational training at the Great Institution, Jerusalem on the Brazos, known to most sinners as Baylor University. The downside of studying the Word at this sanctified space is having to live in the hell hole of Waco, Texas. […]