Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

live theater

O Holy Night

It’s been quite the busy few days of virtual holiday specials starring men in wigs. So it seems only fitting to close out the week with a new show from our very own on-staff spiritual adviser, Sister Helen Holy, who sometimes appears in public as Paul J. Williams. To spread her special brand of holiday cheer judgment, she’s bringing her […]

Stream Awakening

Now here’s a very 2020 take on live theater. Yesterday, East Dallas Arts presented a staging of Spring Awakening that may go down in history quite possibly the safest production ever. Not the material, however. Don’t worry, there’s still sexual discovery and teen angst aplenty in this version of the Tony Award-winning musical. Not only does the audience stream the […]

Oh, The Pageantry!

Need something to really get you into the Thanksgiving spirit? And maybe pee your pants a little? Undermain Theatre’s The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa FastHorse might just make you bust a gut—in a completely different way than after your massive Thursday feast. With performances Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend, you can escape the family or bring them all […]

Blanche Takes A Fist

Thank you for being…made of felt. That’s what we imagine the puppet versions of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia saying to each other behind the scenes of The Golden Girls Show! That, and trading one-liners over plastic cheesecake while trying to ignore the fact that a human hand is inside them. In case you missed the early-bird-special announcement on our […]

We Hate Hamlet, Too

But we love Paul Rudnick. The gay writer has given us some of our all-time favorite plays and films, from Jeffrey and Sister Act to Addams Family Values and In & Out. In fact, we can definitely say we enjoy his work more than Shakespeare’s. So I Hate Hamlet at Onstage in Bedford might just be the perfect night of […]

Peruvian Delight

Miss Coco Peru has the seven-year itch—and probably other female troubles we don’t want to get into. Coincidentally, seven years also relates to her Dallas appearances because that ducking birch hasn’t been to town since 2012! That all changes with her triumphant return during Texas Bear Round-Up in The Taming of the Tension, a new one-woman show with a title that nods to her […]

Christmas Just Got Really Sketchy

On the 12th year of hiatus, my true love gave to me—the return of Queertown! Dallas’ first LGBT comedy troupe hits the stage again after more than a decade in the witness protection program. Or perfecting their synchronized swimming choreography for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Can’t be sure. We’ve been getting conflicting stories. All we know is that the triumphant return […]

Deck The Halls With The Best Garland Ever

Jesus Christ: King of the Jews. Janelle Lutz: Queen of the Judys. One of our all-time favorite Uptown Players actors returns to the role she was born to play in A Very Judy Christmas, a variety show-style extravaganza reminiscent of the best (and cheesiest) holiday specials of the 1950s and 60s. Written and directed by BJ Cleveland, the star-studded production features Lutz […]

This Means Warp

Dammit, Janet. It’s impossible to make it through October without someone staging a version of The Rocky Horror Show or putting on a shadowcast of the movie. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Somehow Halloween and Frank N. Furter are synonymous in our world. Of course, you’ve probably figured out where this setup is headed and you’d be right: North Texas Performing […]

Uptown Players Goes Small

We’ve gotten accustomed to spectacle. Bigger! Louder! Chorus line-ier! That’s because Uptown Players continues to outdo itself with one Broadway-worthy production after another. Yet in celebration of LGBT History Month, they’re shifting gears to focus on a pair of smaller-scale shows and we’re totally into it. Takes us back to the days when the theater troupe performed at the tiny KD Studio Theatre. Starting tonight and […]