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Low Calorie

Become A Tipsy Carhop

When we were in college, we discovered that we could go to sonic, order up a Route 44 cherry limeade and add our own vodka to it for a cheap-yet-delicious cocktail. We also took them with us to our more boring lecture-hall classes. (Don’t tell our parents). Well now, Sonic has made it easier to get the flavors of their […]

A Stiff One At The Spa

When we write about canned cocktails, (which we realize we’ve done a lot lately, but so many good ones keep getting released!) we’re typically touting the fact that they’re low-calorie and low-alcohol. But what about those times when you want something to really booze you up while still being low-cal? That’s where Spa Girl Cocktails come in. Like so many […]

Ready For Pool-Drink Season?

One of the only reasons we had a pool built in our backyard was to have a change of scenery while we drink. And to swim naked without having whistles blown by a lifeguard for “scaring the children.” So every year we seek out new cocktail recipes, new spirits and, of course, new ways to save time. Enter YUMIX cocktails to save […]

The Skinny On Bubbly

Why wait until January to start easing into those resolutions? There’s a new wine spritzer on the market that’s a perfect substitute for that midnight champagne toast. Raise a glass to Bon Affair, a sugar-free, low-calorie wine spritzer with hangover-fighting electrolytes built right in. Available in California Sauvignon Blanc and California Syrah, Bon Affair varieties are just 100 calories per […]