Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


You’ve Got Baggage

It used to be that the components of our daily grooming routine took up an entire suitcase for even the shortest getaways. But all those stupid checked baggage fees made us reassess our clinging-to-youth rituals a bit. After all, are the go-go boys in Miami really going to remember whether we showed up to their pole or cage with less […]

Safari, So Good

We like to fancy ourselves world adventurers. But then we go and use phrases like “fancy ourselves” and blow all credibility. Plus, with our penchant for bitchiness and full-length kaftans, we end up looking more like Endora the Explorer than anything else. Well, now we’ve found a bag that conveys the ruggedness we crave and fashion sense we need all […]

Over Your Head

Remember when all your worldly belongings would fit comfortably inside a Hefty Bag? Yeah, neither do we. That’s because we put the product whore into hoarding. When we go on a weekend vacation, we need a separate suitcase just for our grooming products. And two carry-ons for our shoes. Don’t even get us started on what’s required for a week-long […]

Strap One On

We like our bags like we like our men: versatile. Why put up with conventional labels like backpack, tote or briefcase when you can get a bag that’s all three? Sometimes multiple personalities can come in handy. The Cambridge Bag from OverLand Equipment has become our go-to travel bag for a variety of reasons. It has a zippered main compartment […]

3-1-1! We Get It, Now Stop Yelling At Us, TSA Agents!

If you haven’t been to the airport lately, you haven’t had a 32-ounce can of Aqua Net torn from your hands at the security checkpoint. Doesn’t the TSA understand that gay men can’t travel with just 3 ounces of ANYTHING? Forcing us to reduce our beauty regimens to what can fit in a 1-quart ziploc bag is simply barbaric. Well […]