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Malai Kitchen

Brunch Of The Week: Asian Inspiration

So, here’s the deal. The first two months of 2022 found us sick in bed with breakthrough Covid for a full two weeks. Once that was behind us, we returned to traveling as much as possible to get back to some sense of normal as safely as possible. Because of our wanderlust being back in high gear, we barely were […]

Four Courses, Of Course, Of Course

When someone says, “Thai me up,” we listen. Especially when the Thai-ing is in the gifted hands of Braden and Yasmin Wages over at Malai Kitchen. That’s the name of their recently launched tasting menu. We had the privilege of previewing the August menu and if you love Thai and Vietnamese food, you’re going to go nuts for the gorgeous […]


Mmmmmm….Thai-Vietnamese fusion. What’s not to love about Malai Kitchen? While most restaurants headed into their fifth year of business would be content to enjoy what’s working just fine, the owners here are always out to innovate and find ways to make the experience even better for their customers. Like brewing their own beer. Making their own Sriracha. Milking their own […]