Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Altared States

Walking down the aisle to exchange rings used to be a fairy tale for gay men like us. But not the happy-ending type of fairy tale, an actual work of fiction. Now that same-sex marriage is legal, it’s important to have an expert help with the ins and outs of planning an LGBT wedding. Today, author Kirsten Palladino‘s new book, Equally […]

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Please allow me a bit of an indulgence with this week’s column. (As if you don’t every week.) But this is the evening of our anniversary, so that has rather been at the top of my mind today. It’s not one of those milestone anniversary years ending in zero and, therefore, not significant enough to warrant something like a reception. […]

The 701 Club: Kardashians, Couples & Clowns

Let us comfort one another as we ponder these happenings in our world. Kardashians: Let us pray for Sister Kim Kardashian. She was recently tied up and robbed in a rented Paris apartment, losing millions of dollars of jewelry in the process. I am praying that she find strength to recover from this personal violation. After all, the other times […]

Knotty & Nice

We’ve already started bracing ourselves. Because now that gay marriage is becoming legal left and right, Valentine’s Day is going to be as big for proposals in the LGBT community as it is in hetero one. (Which means, steer clear of nice restaurants or they’ll be interrupting your meal all night long with oohs, ahhs and rings hidden in heart-shaped […]