Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Our New Mask Mandate

Because we’re part of Team Science (and rarely find anything worthwhile exiting the mouth of our anti-gay governor), we will continue to mask in public to help protect others and prevent the spread of COVID-19. So our year-long hunt for the perfect mask continues. And we think we’ve found another superb contender for our short list of favorites: HMNKIND. At […]

Sooo MILFy

We’ve been so excited about the inauguration festivities that we almost forgot to write today’s story. Fortunately, we haven’t completely lost our marbles yet. But that’s more than we can say for the crazy gals over at Sassy’s Cougar Cabaret at the Round-Up. The new drag variety show debuted earlier this month and we’ve heard fantastic things about it. We’re […]

Mask-Up Monday

How many masks do you have now? If you’re like us, that number has climbed to at least a dozen or two different styles, shapes, colors and fabrics to suit nearly any occasion. We’ve been given many different types of masks from both friends and manufacturers, so when we come across any we really like, we’re going to share them […]

Howdy, Photo Op!

Unless you’ve been living under a deep-fried rock, by now you’ve heard that the State Fair of Texas will be launching a drive-thru experience starting next weekend under the shadow of Big Tex and his size-70 appendage(s). What you might not know yet is that this weekend for only $25 you can drive through for a professional photo opportunity with […]

The Gucci Of Pathogen Prevention

Perhaps we’ve watched too many episodes of The Walking Dead. Maybe it’s all the Ebola hysteria. Or quite simply it could be our need for a quick-and-easy Halloween costume. Whatever the case, we’re totally getting used to the idea of wearing a mask whenever we’re out in public—as long as we can look more fashionable than the guy mowing our […]