Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Let’s Get Soaking Wet

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Brunch of the Week feature to bring you this important Pride Week update: The weather forecast calls for a hot one on Saturday, so what better way to cool off than with a bunch of other mostly naked folks? That’s exactly what to expect at the special Pride Edition of SUNLIFE, a daytime dance and […]

Go Gaga At The DMA

For millions of people (and hundreds of thousands of gays), Lady Gaga is their one true love. Celebrate all that is glorious (and divinely artistic) about the legendary superstar this Thursday night (Valentine’s Day) at the Dallas Museum of Art. Bad Romance is all part of their Second Thursdays with a Twist series and all the creativity that entails. During the evening, […]

No Sharks Or Jets Here

Feeling pretty, witty and gay? And maybe ready for some kick-ass music? Then get ready for some Westside stories in Netflix’s newest unscripted series, which debuted yesterday on the entertainment platform. The compelling reality show has all the drama you crave, but without the icky sensationalist vibe of what you’ll find on, oh, E! or Bravo. Westside features a group of nine immensely […]

Idol Worship

We haven’t watched American Idol in years. But that hasn’t stopped us from hearing the news that 2018’s ABC reboot was one of the most diverse yet. This Thursday, American Idol: Live 2018! rolls into town and you can still snag tickets to see the Top 7 performers. Among them, openly lesbian performer Jurnee (pictured), who became a fan favorite very early on. Plus, […]

Wendy Ho

Even though we enjoy discovering new experiences, some things we like to do over and over and over. Especially after our mom’s warnings that we’d go blind haven’t yet come true. The same holds true for seeing Wendy Ho live. We’ve seen her more times than Trump has looked down and seen his own penis under that belly. Wendy is a […]

Nico-Friendly Music

Today is World AIDS Day. A day of raising awareness of the pandemic caused by the HIV infection spreading. It’s a day of remembrance, but also hope. And one of the best ways to honor those fighting the disease is to hear their stories. One we’d like to share is that of Nico Decastro. After being cast in the Filipino boy band […]

Trey Magnifique

The soundtrack for your weekend is here! The new album, Love Is Love, from openly gay artist Trey Peterson brings us so much joy! It’s his first solo album and filled with powerful songs, especially the title track. Check out the music video for the LGBTQ anthem, Love Is Love, below. Then get to clicking to buy the entire album. Openly gay artist Trey […]

Clang, Clang, Clang, Fellas!

Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Not when you could be going after rainbows instead. Prepare to board the virtual trolley on October 20 as the Irving Arts Center presents Chasing Rainbows—Songs of Judy Garland, Performed by Karen Luschar. The delightful Broadway performer channels the legendary LGBT icon, Judy Garland, in vivacious spirit without ever veering into complete impersonation. She performed the show at Lincoln Center in […]

Heavy Petting

The boys are back. Or more precisely, the Pet Shop Boys. Fans of their awesomely quirky, signature sound will delight in CATALOGUE: 1985-2012, a special series of reissues that includes each studio album released on Parlophone, remastered and including bonus tracks, previously unreleased songs and other goodies for die-hards.  The first albums to be reissued are: Nightlife, Release, And Fundamental. Here’s a preview: The albums […]

FAVE FIVE: Gay Multimedia Edition

Welcome to another edition of FAVE FIVE, the place where you get to binge on great products we’re passionate about. This week, it’s all about media, from books to movies to music videos that every gay men (and well, anyone with good taste) should love. (Hint: There’s Dolly Parton up in here.) Click the NEXT button above for five things we’re […]