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Hardy Har Har

Binging on The Handmaid’s Tale makes for a great evening. But also a little mentally traumatizing. Much like watching the news for more than five minutes a day. That’s where […]

Growing Pains (The Gay Kind)

Kids have many gay role models to choose from these days. But very few gay kid role models. Well, that all changes with this Thursday’s premiere of Champions, a new sitcom from […]

DeGameshow From DeGeneres

Every lesbian we know is hard-working, often in the Home Depot sense of the phrase, but Ellen DeGeneres may be the hardest working lesbian in history. Her pop culture empire […]

Binge Watch Karen Binge Drink

Category: Things You Should Know And Probably Already Do, But Just In Case You Don’t, We’re Here To Make Sure There’s No Doubt In Your Mind It’s Actually Happening And You Can’t […]

Rudolph & Short

Every time somebody attempts to revitalize the good, old-fashioned variety show, we cheer them on in a variety of ways. Clapping, of course. Jumping up and down. And speaking in […]

Fitness Buffs. Emphasis On The Buff Part.

Put down the Cookie Butter and Nacho-Cheese Flavored Doritos. It’s time to get in shape for summer. If you need extra motivation to get to the gym (or outside in […]

Megan Mullally’s Major Makeover

When we die, instead of long-lost relatives we hope to be greeted in the Great Beyond by the best TV characters of all time. Samantha Stephens will ensure our every […]

Neil Down Before Him

Hollywood thrives on finding triple threats. We just don’t think they were ever expecting to discover a septuple threat. That’s exactly what Neil Patrick Harris will be doing in tomorrow […]

The Zodiac Files

Charles Manson. 1967 Los Angeles. And a still-delicious David Duchovny undercover at a gay nightclub. Sign us up! These are just a few of the things you’ll see on Aquarius, […]

Reality Bites…Then Kisses

When does our Queen Lesbian ever sleep? Because Ellen’s at it again, producing another TV show. Today’s your chance to be a star in that very show, and have your […]