Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Politics, Not As Usual

I think we can all agree that the current state of politics is soul-crushing, no matter which side of the conservative-liberal spectrum you fall on. So, what better weekend to celebrate the diplomacy of a bygone era with a fact-based production, plus some sassy fictional politics, each designed to take our minds off our current reality, if only for a […]

Werq The Weekend

The stay-at-home restrictions are loosening up today, y’all. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to be rushing out into the public anytime soon. So if you’re like us, you’ll still find plenty of fun stuff to keep you occupied at home. Tomorrow night, with the Werq the World tour on hold, a new edition of the live stream version hits […]

Hooray For…

The latest series from the prolific creative team of Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan gives us so much to cheer about. Hooray for male prostitution! Hooray for sassy bitches! Hooray for gorgeous costumes! Hooray for lots and lots of gay sex! Yes, indeed, HOORAY for Hollywood! We had the privilege to preview the entire seven-episode limited Netflix series and it […]

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mom & Pop Porn Shop

In the world of documentaries, there are people like Joe Exotic who absolutely crave the spotlight. And then there are people like Karen Mason, who spends a good portion of Circus of Books asking her documentarian daughter why she’s making this movie and to stop filming her so much. That’s just one of many pleasures of this new Netflix original […]

Netflix & Escape The Chill

‘Tis the season for binge-watching holiday movies, so why not start with one that features an LGBT storyline? Today, Netflix debuts Let It Snow, a John Hughes-worthy high-school comedy that takes place on one icy Christmas Eve. The film features a great cast, plenty of laughs and just the right amount of nipple shaving. Let It SnowOut nownetflix.com Photo courtesy […]

Fabu Go

Ready for a change of scenery for the Fabu Go? That’s “Fab Five” in Japanese, by the way. (At least if Google Translate is to be trusted.) Today marks a whole new season of Netflix’s smash reboot of Queer Eye, which finds the guys joined by model Kiko Mizuhara to help them around the Land of the Rising Sun. And, […]

Orange You Glad You Binged?

We love shows about murder. And prison. Mostly because we’re fascinated by those subjects, but don’t ever, ever want either to happen to us. At least women-in-prison television series make the whole ordeal seem slightly more civilized than men’s prisons, but still count us out. When it comes to ladies gone unlawful, we still can’t decide whether we like Wentworth […]

Queer Eye For The Ugly Cry

Grab your tissues. (We know you have some in your nightstand.) The Fab Five return to Netflix Friday for the fourth season of the feel-goodiest reboot in the history of reboots. By now you should know the Queer Eye formula for making over deserving people and with it the buckets of tears that happen onscreen—and in your living room. The […]

Wanda, Weezy, Wow

What a week for Wanda Sykes. Today, her Netflix standup comedy special, Wanda Sykes: Not Normal debuts and true to form, nothing is off-limits to the comedian. Trump, to our delight, gets plenty of skewering (which requires a mighty long skewer to get through the blubber). Her material makes for 66 LOL minutes that will leave you ROTFL. Then tomorrow […]

Netflix & Chilled

Five of the things we love most in this world (in no particular order): Tina Fey. Wine. Maya Rudolph. Rachel Dratch. Amy Poehler. This Friday, take a trip to Wine Country on Netflix with some of the world’s funniest women. And because it’s a movie, not a series, you can save the binging for the chardonnay. Wine CountryPremieres Friday, May […]