Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Oak Cliff

Brunch Of The Week: We’ll Have Our Usual

82. Eighty-freakin’-two. That’s how many brunches we’ve eaten so far this year and we have the digital photos and accumulated hangover to prove it. Brunch for us is more than a fun weekend meal with friends, it’s a passion and borderline obsession. So while stuffing bacon into our face this past Sunday, a friend asked if we had a favorite […]

Paris By Way Of Oak Cliff

This Sunday, what’s yours is mime and what’s mimed is yours at an event you’re gonna want to escargot to and beg for merci. All in the name of (another) red, white, and blue! Yep, Francophiles, Sunday is the annual Bastille on Bishop celebration, one of the most entertaining neighborhood gatherings each year. French food, French wine, French product vendors, […]

Wanna See Something Really Scary?

Some things are just better in groups. (pause for dirty thoughts) Horror movies shoot right to the top of the list. So if you like to be clothed and afraid, head to The Texas Theatre this week and next for a lineup of all-time great (and a couple more obscure) films to scare you but good. Beetlejuice celebrates its 30th anniversary this […]

Brunch Of The Week: Cure For The Common Hangover

It’s always that last vodka soda that sends of over the edge. Actually, we tend to get worse hangovers from red wine. Mixed with vodka sodas. But whatever. Brunch is about to cure you of everything that ails you. At least if you head to Tillman’s Roadhouse in Bishop Arts District. Make reservations now for this weekend and drink as much as you […]

Wilde About Wigs

Everybody’s favorite botched sex change musical is back on the big screen. And in glorious 35mm. This month’s CinéWilde screening is none other than one of our all-time favorites: Hedwig & The Angry Inch. It all takes place tonight after a showing of A Very Sordid Wedding with a post-show party featuring Mr. Pixie, who himself has played Hedwig. He’ll be performing […]

Oak Cliff Gets Savage

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Or better yet, let’s look to a different salt-and-pepper favorite: Dan Savage. The wildly popular gay rights activist, syndicated columnist, It Gets Better founder, podcaster and all-around talented heartthrob brings his Savage Love podcast and sex advice column to life at the Kessler for a rescheduled appearance on May 11. Presented by WordSpace, a North Texas non-profit literary arts group, the […]

Life In The Fest Lane

Quirky makes us twerky! While so many film festivals have gone mainstream and big budget, we love that the Oak Cliff Film Festival (OCFF) has stayed true to its indie roots and continues to highlight movies that might not find a home elsewhere. The schedule features everything from cult-classics like Flight Of The Navigator to short film collections. For the […]

Shop ‘Til You Drop Your Taco

We love eating our way through Sylvan Thirty. Whether we’re munching on tortilla-wrapped handhelds at Tacodeli, stuffing our face with pizza from CiboDivino, slurping up noodles from Ten Ramen, or diving face-first into a sweet treat at Whisk Crêpes Café, we’ve considered the complex a dining destination ever since it opened. Well, now we can do a little retail therapy […]

Putting The ART in Holiday Party

Give someone a gift certificate and they’ll remember it for—oh, about five seconds. Give someone a piece of artwork and they’ll think of you every single day. Hide a tiny camera in the frame and you’ll get a gift every day, too. (Especially if the recipient is hot and he hangs the art near his shower.) Whatever your art-giving motives […]

Slippery When Wet

At first, the idea of a 1,000-foot-long slip-and-slide sounded like a tortuous way to spend a hot afternoon. Then we saw the photos of Slide the City attendees in other cities and suddenly, we can’t think of a more appealing adventure. Just check out a few of our favorites within this story.All you have to do is register (you’ll save […]