Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Oak Cliff

Patriot Act

Flags and fireworks: They’ll be everywhere this weekend. But if you get your fill of kaboom-boom-pow (or you’re one of those freaks of nature who doesn’t enjoy a spectacular nighttime light show in the sky), head to the Kessler Theater for a totally different show of patriotism. It’s a night with Matt Tolentino’s Singapore Slingers, a pre-swing American dance orchestra […]

Acting Out

Contains adult situations, strong language and nudity. The above sentence is not a warning. It’s our daily mantra. Our reason for living. And also a siren’s call beckoning us to the Bishop Arts Theatre Center for the first-ever PlayPride LGBT Festival, a one-act play competition presented by TeCo Theatrical Productions. It all starts tonight with a $10 preview performance and […]

Brunch Of The Month: Nooner In The Cliff

We’re not typically fans of the whole “less is more” concept. Except when said less is part of the word bottomless. Of course, bottomless mimosas shouldn’t be the sole reason you seek out a brunch spot, but when they’re offered in conjunction with incredible food, it’s a hard combination to beat. So get your thirsty self to Bolsa, the Oak […]

It Gets Wetter

Today is Hump Day. Saturday, however, is HUMP! Day. Back in 2005, Dan Savage (the guy behind the It Gets Better campaign) challenged readers of his sex advice column to create homemade porn. He chose the winning film shorts and created the HUMP! Film Festival, which became wildly popular. This Saturday, you can see more than a dozen of his […]

Garden Of Earthly Delights

When most restaurants roll out a “new spring menu,” that’s usually code for “three dishes have been modified to include sugar peas, broccoli sprouts and baby radishes.” Not Bolsa. Their just-launched seasonal menu contains, by our estimates, 92.6% new dishes. And each is better than the last. Set aside a few hours, make sure your Uber account is current and […]

Don’t Worry, Bead Happy

We wish every day were Mardi Gras. For one, flashing our naked body parts would earn us exponentially more beads than public indecency citations. But celebrating the festive holiday once a year is better than not at all. Though not quite as debaucherous as the New Orleans shindig, Mardi Gras Oak Cliff is getting bigger, better and gayer with each […]

This Little Piggy Went To Mercado

Ordering off a restaurant’s regular menu has become tres passé. It’s sooo International House of Pancakes. We prefer to be adventurous. Spur-of-the-moment. Culinarily daring. Or as other people like to point out: snobby. But that’s okay. If it means getting the freshest ingredients and the most innovative techniques and flavor combinations, call us whatever you like. Our new favorite place […]

Brunch of the Month: Patio Pleasures

Be grateful that we don’t get paid by the word. Because when we left brunch at 303 Bar & Grill in the Bishop Arts District, we jotted down exactly 303 reasons why we loved this place. After all, brunch is our favorite Sunday ritual this side of stealing the coupons from the newspapers on all our neighbors’ lawns. Instead, we’ve […]

Nick’s Knacks

This past Saturday, we went on our usual weekend troll hunt. You know, the scary little men who live under bridges (and don’t ask questions when you need a little lovin’). Now that the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is finally open to traffic, we thought it would be fun to drive across to the West Dallas side and search […]

Bridge To Somewhere

If you build a fancy bridge, does that mean the trolls that live beneath it are high-class, too? This is the type of question that keeps us awake at night. That, and “Why does Ryan Reynolds keep getting restraining orders against us?” Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock (or a less-significant bridge), you should be well aware of […]