Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Age Is Just A (Dance) Number

We truly believe you’re only as old as you feel. Yet that still doesn’t mean you can be 50 and call yourself a twink on Grindr, no matter how many filters you have on your photo. Drag, however, knows no age limits. Good drag is good drag, funny is funny, and death drops add even more drama the closer a […]

See How Thickette Is

Seeing a naked guy in person sure beats the heck out of seeing one online. The same thing goes for drag musical numbers: A queen who sings a song live will almost always be better than a lip-sync. That’s why we love Miss Big Thickette, the Turtle Creek Chorale drag pageant that’s been entertaining crowds for 30 years. It’s back […]

Queen For A Year

LifeWalk is easy. Miss LifeWalk is hard. That’s because one involves comfy sneakers and requires only the mere ability to put alternate putting your feet in front of your body one at a time. The other, high heels, intricate choreography and memorizing the words to diva-licious power ballads. Fortunately, we can watch Miss LifeWalk and not have to worry about anything more physically […]

She’s Crowning! She’s Crowning!

Tonight is going to be a very lucky Friday the 13th for one drag queen in Texas. (Or in reality, an awesome Saturday the 14th because this show is gonna go laaaaaate.) Tonight, the Top 10 contestants will be revealed to compete for the big crown in the Miss Gay Texas America Pageant onstage in the Rose Room at S4. Expect plenty […]

Out Of This Gay World

Category is…Futuristic Eleganza Extrvaganza! No, it’s not a repeat of Episode 4 of the current 10th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s this weekend’s 2018 Miss PSSA, onstage at The Rose Room at S4. That’s right, gay sports league Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association‘s annual pageant has a (Kevinless) spacey theme that we can’t wait to experience. Hosted by Cassie Nova, the fierce competition […]

The Symphony Like Never Before

Let’s be real. Unless Bugs Bunny shows up, the symphony can be a real snoozefest. But what’s the next best thing to an animated rabbit to make classical music exciting and hilarious? Drag queens, of course. All this week at The Round-Up, the Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Pageant dramatically unfolds over three nights of fierce competition under the theme, A Night at the Symphony. […]

Hits & Beautiful Misses

Do you like to watch? Or do you prefer to be watched? Those are really the central questions surrounding the 14th Annual Miss LifeWalk Pageant. Either you’re ready to witness a great drag competition or it’s time for your voluptuous alter ego to finally come out of her shell. It all takes place Sunday, July 23 at 6:00 p.m. at […]

Crowns Royal

Can’t wait for the winner to be crowned on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Covered in crowns, that is. Starting this Sunday and running for six nights, it’s pageants galore. Galore, we tell ya! It all begins with two nights of Miss Gay USofA Classic competition and three nights of Miss Gay USof A […]

Thrice The Fun

If you like royalty, hold onto your plebeian hats. This Wednesday night, not one but three people will be crowned in an epic pageant at The Round-Up. By the end of the night, we’ll have a new Miss Gay Dallas USofA, a new Mr. Gay Dallas USofA and a bright-and-shiny Miss Gay Dallas USofA Newcomer. During the evening, there will be […]

Quick, She’s Crowning!

If somebody wanted to truly revitalize the public’s interest in beauty pageants, they’d televise the gay ones. Heck, they should build a series of reality shows around them while they’re at it. Because any gal can throw on a bikini and strut across the stage in high heels. (Snooze.) But it takes a man to turn that strut into a […]