Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Time To Get Schooled

To loosely paraphrase Whitney Houston, we believe the children are the future—of drag. If you know any LGBTQ youth aged 12-18 who might enjoy a little extracurricular outrageousness with like-minded […]

Majoring In Drag

Why spend gazillions of dollars on an Ivy League education? Especially when everyone knows you can earn more money getting exposure on RuPaul’s Drag Race than years of 80-hour work weeks on Wall […]

Feeling Raven-ous

“I’ve been ignoring my fans in Dallas for too long.” Quoth Raven, “Nevermore.” Yes, folks, tomorrow night the beloved RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorite returns with a midnight appearance at Marty’s Live. […]


Anytime we watch a magic act, we always stare intently to try to figure out how an illusion is done. Well, there’s a magic show coming to town that will […]

Drag From Hell

Prepare yourself. You’re going to really want to see this show. It’s like a bad accident. You can’t look away. You’re morbidly curious. And then suddenly, you’re dancing. Meet Christeene […]