Put Some Gay In Your Day!



Who’s ready for a little Pump and Cirucmstance? Because this Saturday night there’s gonna be one helluva graduation party at Resource Center. After weeks of rehearsals and mentoring by professional […]

Pretty (& Handsome) In Pink

It’s no secret. One of our favorite colors is pink. It’s the color of lips. Strawberry Starburst. And a little wine that may or may not be enjoying its moment […]

Con Mucho Amor

With Pride season coming very soon for much of the world, we’re loading up on rainbow everything in anticipation. Of course, we don’t ever wait until Pride to wear it […]

See How Thickette Is

Seeing a naked guy in person sure beats the heck out of seeing one online. The same thing goes for drag musical numbers: A queen who sings a song live […]

Pink Traveler: The Pride Of Richfield, Minnesota

Few people make me laugh harder than Miss Richfield 1981. She’s a staple of Atlantis Events cruises, a summer fixture in Provincetown, and an international spokesqueen for travel site Orbitz. […]

Sunday In The Park With George, John, Chad, Michael, Bill, Bob, Steven, Charlie, Paul, Theo, Ben…

Hold onto your eggs, Easter in the Park returns this Sunday to Turtle Creek Park (formerly Oak Lawn Park and Lee Park before that). All your favorite traditions will be […]

Brunch Of The Week: Race To Plano

Hope you love eggs. And bacon. And Bloody Marys, mimosas, and coffee. Because next Saturday there’s going to be more brunching than you know what to do with. (But we […]

Magic Mic

Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do! Singers get the chance to shine this week as two separate competitions kick off in the gayborhood. First up is the premiere tonight of Saloon Star at the Round-Up. […]

Delusional Divas & Dead Monkeys

When we grow old, we want to be Norma Desmond 2.0: fabulous and living in our own special universe. Sunset Boulevard is—and will always be—one of our favorite Hollywood movies. […]

Simply Amahhhzing!

When it comes to reality shows, we’re Team Competitive over Team Housewife any day. In other words, we pretty much only watch shows that pit people against each other toward […]