Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


These Guys Are Tops

Don’t judge us. We love a sliced roast beef sandwich and curly fries on occasion. But until now, we had to satisfy our craving at a fast-food spot that rhymes with Schmarby’s and always manages to let us down and send us into a fast-food shame hole with a side of cheese sauce. Well, no more. We have a far […]

Do We Love This Gayborhood Joint? Yes, Orno.

Gays have discriminating palates. At least that’s a stereotype we gladly embrace. Along with being smarter, funnier and infinitely more handsome than our non-queer brethren. So it’s always a surprise that most Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs gayborhood restaurants are relatively basic. Where, oh where, is the finer food? If you ask us, that wish can be fulfilled once you step inside Orno. […]

Lebanese On Down The Road

“Smoking or non-smoking?” Haven’t heard that upon entering a Dallas restaurant in years. But that’s exactly how you’ll be greeted at the chic new Zåtar Lebanese Tapas & Bar in Deep Ellum. Don’t worry, though, the smoke here adds to the ambiance and overall experience. Because it’s hookahs, hookers! For us, hookah is best for after-dinner so it doesn’t compete with the wonderful […]

Pork Out

When you get a comfort-food itch, look to Texas Scratch Kitchen. Recently opened in the former Coconut’s Fish Cafe digs on Lover’s Lane (RIP yummy fish tacos), this new concept offered up one surprise after another when they invited us in to check out the dinner menu. To us, the restaurant name implies homey dishes without much nuance, but we’re […]

We’re Breast Men Now. Just FYI.

The grub in the gayborhood continues to get better and better. When iconic Cedar Springs restaurant, The Black-Eyed Pea, closed earlier this year many regulars were distraught to see the comfort-food staple close its butter- and gravy-soaked doors forever. Ourselves included. Where would we get our chicken fried steak fix before a night of drag queens at the Rose Room […]

Bacon, Butter & Booze

Five days ago, we visited Pink Magnolia. Two days ago, we emerged from our sugar coma. Don’t worry, it’s one we anticipated and graciously welcomed after working our way through much of the food menu—and the entire collection of cocktails, from simple champagne concoctions to punch bowls filled with fruity, boozy delights.Indeed, as anyone who’s ever dined on the food […]

The More You GNO

Funday, Moanday, Twosday, Three-Way, Thirsty, Friday. Our calendar now reads like a gluttonous to-do list. And it’s about to get even more so now that Villa-O is taking the Supreme Court’s lead and jumping on the equality bandwagon. Yes, for possibly the first time in hospitality industry history, Girl’s Night Out (GNO) is legally adding guys to its legal definition.Get […]

Hip-Hop, Highballs & Ham

BZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!! Pardon the all-caps and multiple exclamation points, but that’s the only way in print to illustrate the buzz surrounding the opening of Remedy on Greenville Avenue. With a kitchen helmed by the delightful Danyele McPherson, who worked in some of the city’s best restaurants (The Grape, Stephan Pyles) before gaining national exposure on Top Chef. Behind the bar, Matt […]

These Buns Are Tops

Gay men are connoisseurs of many things, buns being very high on that list. So when we come across buns so delectable that we want to bury our face in them and savor every moment like it was our last on earth, it’s a pretty notable experience. Well, at a restaurant anyway. At the newly opened Nazca Kitchen, no table […]

Count On Abacus

While we would love to enjoy fine dining on a nightly basis, it’s just not within our budget. Or the strength of the elastic in our waistbands. So there are a select few restaurants that we have in our Little Black Book of Destination Dining. And Abacus is always there. For more than a decade, Chef Kent Rathbun has been […]