Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Road Trip

Brunch Of The Week: Arly To Rise

Other cities need love, too. That’s why we’ve been mixing in awesome places for brunch with our regular Dallas coverage. This week, we travel to Arlington for some kick-ass Benedicts—always the right way to start a Sunday at Six Flags. Or one of those buildings where sports happen. Mac’s Bar & Grill delights Arlington residents and visitors the same way sibling […]

A Super-Awesome, Totally Fantastic, OK Road Trip

Located 200 miles from Dallas via Interstate 35 is a hip destination with vibrant arts, live music, culinary and cocktail scenes, an amazing array of outdoor adventures, and an active LGBT community. And no, it’s not Austin. But it sure feels like Austin used to before it got so big it outgrew its infrastructure and stopped being as weird as […]

Brunch Of The Week: Hey, Honey!

Apparently, there’s something big happening in the NFL this weekend. Something super, some might say. Well, football, schmootball. We’ll be brunching all day, perhaps with a movie in between courses and possibly a nap or two. But if you’re looking for a football-themed brunch, you should check out Tupelo Honey. Sure, it has absolutely nothing to do with football, but […]

Road Trip To Pride

Dallas Pride kicks off in a little over a month. But if you simply can’t wait for the new, two-day Pride festival and parade, we have a capital idea: Road trip to Austin! Head down to Austin Pride this weekend, next weekend or heck, take off the entire week. It’s going to be nothing short of epic. Just check out […]

Pink Traveler: Sleeping Around San Antonio

It’s Pride Month, y’all. But you probably already knew that. Especially if you’re L, G, B or T. To our straight readers, perhaps it’s not as commonly known. Regardless, with Dallas Pride falling each year in September, we love traveling around the country to see what Pride is like in other cities. And why take a plane when a road trip […]

Become A Badger

A road trip to Austin is always a good idea. But some excuses are better than others. Take AGLIFF (The Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival), now in its 27th year. Not only are they featuring dozens of queer flicks such as Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine, Regarding Susan Sontag and Boys (above), as well as dramatic, […]

Cheers To Gay Weddings

ClinkClinkClink! We’d like to raise our glasses to SKYY Vodka, which joins forces today with the Freedom to Marry campaign to kick off Toast to Marriage. The Toast to Marriage tour begins tonight in Atlanta before visiting 11 cities nationwide, including Dallas, Phoenix, Miami, Chicago, San Diego and New Orleans. The goal is to raise awareness and encourage supporters to […]

Pink Traveler: Happy Trail

Time is running out if you’re still not in the holiday spirit. That means it’s time for some drastic measures. Formerly only known by the codename, Operation Jolly Jingles, we now have clearance to share the now-declassified details of a secret mission to make people smile so big you’ll see all 32 of their teeth at once. It’s called the […]

Where Shelby Drank Her Juice

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means – time to put on your Thursday undies. But also, it’s time for our almost-weekly Road Trip Series of destinations within a six-hour drive of Dallas. This week, we return to our new favorite state, Louisiana, for a little small-town charm, a few meat pies and a walk through a graveyard where […]

Shore Leave

Let’s face it. There’s not an inch of Texas that’s cool right now. 98 Degrees used to be a dreamy boy band. Now it’s the overnight low. So with all this hellacious heat, there’s one sure-fire way to enjoy it. Hit the beach. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, take a ton of planning or more than a weekend […]