Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Rose Room

Paint The Rose Room Red

According to Madonna, Rita Hayworth gave good face. But Dallas Red Foundation is looking for a face of its own—in the form of a glamorous drag queen during the 4th […]

Do You Have The Balls?

Do you get a kick out of balls? Or is dodging them more your speed? If you’re part of a Dallas-based gay kickball or dodgeball team, then you probably already […]

Who’s Gonna Steal This Show? (We Can’t Wait To Find Out)

Anyone looking for a low-key weekend to recover from Labor Day should look elsewhere. Between Gay Day at Six Flags Sunday and what’s in store the night before, life’s too short […]

Colorful Commentary & Cold Hard Cash

Dallas Pride Weekend will be here soon. In less than a month, actually. Rainbows will be everywhere, but one place you’re going to want to see all those bright gay colors […]

Is Your Monday Dragging?

What’s the best way to celebrate making it through another Monday? Staying up late and missing work on Tuesday! Tonight, starting at 10:00 p.m., C.E.B.A. (Caven Enterprises Benevolence Association) presents its […]

Turn The Other Chic

Better late than never. That phrase works in so many situations, but Gaybingo certainly isn’t one of them. Seats sell out so quickly, that often by the time we’re looking for tickets […]

She’s Crowning! She’s Crowning!

Tonight is going to be a very lucky Friday the 13th for one drag queen in Texas. (Or in reality, an awesome Saturday the 14th because this show is gonna go […]

Funny AND Hot? Sheesh.

Smile coyly at us and we’ll jump in bed with you pretty much right away. Make us laugh, and we may never leave. Consider that fair warning, K-VON, you Persian […]

Orange Is The New BINGO!

Vacation used to be the only thing we planned weeks or months in advance. Yet now we have to use the same strategy for Gaybingo because it’s gotten so darn popular. […]

Ironic, Iconic & Quite Possibly Some Parts Bionic

The Rose Room is about to welcome the world’s most famous divas. And the drag queens taking over their souls for a night. A week from Sunday, join us at […]